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The URAFLEX series are a range of solvent based paints designed to provide a tactile finish. 

  • Low temperature cure.

Product details:

URAFLEX SC290 Primer Series

The URAFLEX SC290 Primer Series are a range of solvent based, two component polyurethane based primer/filler with extremely good adhesive quality filling properties that are easy to smooth.

The URAFLEX SC290 Primer Series have excellent adhesion to metals and plastics.

  • Two component
  • Easy to smooth out
  • Excellent adhesion onto a range of Plastics and Metal

URAFLEX SC201-001 Anti-Slip

ANTISLIP COATING URAFLEX SC 201-001 is a highly elastic polyurethane based lacquer which when cured gives a rubber like feel.

The cured material gives a surface with a high co-efficient of friction and is therefore suitable where non-slip surfaces are required, i.e, tools, coat hangers, etc.

  • Rubbery Texture
  • 2 Pack Low Temperature Cure
  • Adhesion to ABS and SAN.

URAFLEX SC221 Softfeel Series

The URAFLEX SC221 Softfeel Series are highly elastic 2-pack coatings for plastics, metals and glass. When cured these coatings have a soft feel texture and excellent adhesion to plastics, including ABS and PC, metals, including steel and brass, and glass and ceramics.

A primer may be required for some substrates. AQUAFLEX SCW4006-001 is recommended.

  • Soft Feel Texture
  • 2 Pack Low Temperature Cure
  • Adhesion to ABS and PC
  • Available in a range of colours.

URAFLEX SC222-010 Colourless Softfeel

URAFLEX SC222-010 Colourless Softfeel is a highly elastic single pack coating for metals.

For adhesion onto glass 2723-010 Basecoat is recommended.

  • Soft Feel Texture
  • Resistant to Perfume and Alcohol
  • Adhesion to metals
  • Adhesion to glass when 2723-010 is used

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