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Passivates for Zinc

Trivalent Zinc Passivates:

Thin Layer Passivation SLOTOPAS Z 20 Blue

A trivalent blue passivate suitable for use on all types of zinc deposits and is supplied as a liquid concentrate.  Slotopas Z20 has a low make up cost and extended life.

This passivate maintains a consistent blue and corrosion resistance conversion coating throughout the life of the bath and will maintain these characteristics even after heat treatment at 200°C.

Salt spray figures well in excess of 48 hours are possible.

Thick Layer Passivation SLOTOPAS HK 10

SLOTOPAS HK10 is a high performance thick layer trivalent process designed to meet or exceed the DIN 50961 standard, giving a blue/yellow/green iridescent appearance.

Corrosion resistance results are exceptional and are not affected by heat treatment. 250 to 275 hrs resistance to white rust is readily achieved.

Suitable for all types of zinc processes in either rack or barrel applications.

Thick Layer Passivation SLOTOPAS HK 10 Cold

SLOTOPAS HK10 Cold is a high performance trivalent passivate which is operated at room temperature. The appearance is a pale blue/silver.

Corrosion resistance results are not affected by heat treatment. 96 hrs resistance to white rust is readily achieved.

Suitable for all types of zinc and zinc alloys, in either rack or barrel applications.

Thick Layer Passivation SLOTOPAS PC 1200

SLOTOPAS PC 1200 produces Cr(VI)-free passivation layers on electrodeposited zinc and zinc-iron alloy coatings with an alloy content of 0.2 - 0.4 % by weight iron.It can be operated at moderate operating temperatures 25 - 35 °C.

Conversion layers deposited by immersion show a bluish-yellowish-greenish appearance on zinc surfaces.

Surfaces treated with Passivation SLOTOPAS PC 1200 show no loss of corrosion resistance due to heat treatment. On the contrary, temperatures of approx. 100 °C improve the corrosion resistance.

Passivation SLOTOPAS PC 1210

A trivalent passivation process producing a yellow/red/green appearance on zinc plated layers.

Unlike chromium VI processes the corrosion protection is improved with post heat treatment.

Rack installations will regularly achieve 240 hrs to white corrosion, while barrel will be around 120 hrs plus.

Black Passivation SLOTOPAS Z 60

A trivalent black passivation for zinc coatings deposited from alkaline non cyanide electrolytes.

A post treatment in one of the SLOTOFIN series of sealants is require to increase the corrosion protection and also provide a brighter and more uniform finish.

Passivation SLOTOPAS PA1030

A trivalent blue, cobalt-free passivate suitable for use on all types of zinc deposits and is supplied as a liquid concentrate.

SLOTOPAS PA1030 gives good corrosion resistance in rack application but is not recommended for barrel application.

Passivation SLOTOPAS Z 30 T

A thin layer passivation for barrel plated zinc deposits. Passivation of rack plated items can be carried out but with changes to operating parameters.
The intense blue appearance shows limited discolouration following hydrogen de-embrittlement.

Hexavalent Zinc Passivates:

Chromating METAPAS Olive CA

A passivate for the olive passivation of zinc deposits from acid electrolytes.

Supplied as a liquid concentrate, METAPAS Olive CA produces a dark olive green film conforming to corrosion resistance standard DIN 50961 without further treatment.

Chromating METAPAS F Black CA

This process produces an even, deep, black chromate film on zinc surfaces. The process can be replenished to extend the solution life.

Corrosion resistance in excess of 72 hours in rack and 48 hours barrel applications is achievable. METAPAS F Black CA is improved by the application of Post Dip CF.

Chromating METAPAS F Yellow CA

An iridescent passivate, suitable for all types of zinc solutions.  METAPAS F Yellow CA is both chloride and fluoride free.

Good adhesion and corrosion resistance is achieved in both rack and barrel installations.

Post Dips and Sealants:

METAPAS CC Post Dip Solution

This post dip solution greatly improves the adhesion of yellow chromated layers and improves corrosion resistance.

Post-Dip Solution CF

For use following METAPAS Olive, Black or Yellow, Post Dip CF fixes the passivate film producing an optically even appearance with enhanced corrosion resistance.

Sealant SLOTOFIN 10

SLOTOFIN 10 is a post treatment process for zinc-nickel deposits that have been passivated with a clear film.  The system is water based and can be applied by immersion or by spray.

Corrosion resistance is improved and smudging after drying is reduced.

SLOTOFIN 10 does not contain chromium VI.

Sealant SLOTOFIN 40

Polymer based and containing nanoscale silicon compounds, SLOTOFIN 40 is an alkaline process for the post treatment of passivated zinc and zinc alloy coatings.

This process enhances the corrosion protection and optical appearance while reducing the coatings sensitivity to fingerprinting.

Sealant SLOTOFIN 80

SLOTOFIN 80 contains inorganic polysilicates and substantially increases the corrosion protection of passivated zinc or zinc alloy coated parts.

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