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Rhodium & Ruthenium Processes

Rhodium Processes:


RHODUNA DB produces a brilliant white deposit with good covering speed and excellent throwing power.

The coating can be applied using either rack or barrel operations to a maximum thickness of 5µm.


The RHODUNA J1 bath is intended for the deposition of brilliant-white, very light, bright coatings.

It is particularly suitable for the RHODUNA plating of jewellery, watches, spectacle frames and other articles for decorative refinement.

RHODUNA 470 Black

The RHODUNA 470 Black process deposits bright anthracite to black decorative coatings up to 0.3µm.

The process is easy to maintain and produces a good consistency of colour which can be adjusted depending on the requirement.


The RHODUNA-Alloy 1 process coatings which are crack free up to 1µm with a 75:25 Rhodium:Ruthenium alloy.
The coatings are visually similar to those of pure rhodium and maintain the abrasion resistant qualities while offering a cost saving.


Specifically for the brush/pencil plating of Rhodium, the solution is ready to use and deposits are abrasion resistant, light and bright.

The process features high covering power and a plating rate of 0.2 µm per minute.

Ruthenium Processes:


RUTHUNA 479 is a strongly acidic ruthenium electrolyte from which decorative coatings of a grey to anthracite colour up to 0.5 µm thickness can be deposited.

The bath is easy to operate and the deposited coatings have high colour constancy and retain their brightness.

RUTHUNA 279 Black

A brush/pencil plating process which deposits anthracite to black ruthenium coatings at up to 0.08µm/minute.

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