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Tin Processes

Bright Tin Plating Solutions:

Bright Acid Tin CULMO NF

Based on sulphuric acid, this long established plating solution used extensively in all sectors of industry, gives a bright pure tin deposit with excellent tarnish and corrosion resistance.

Equally suitable for rack and barrel applications, its superb solderability characteristics remain good even after long storage periods or heat ageing tests of 6 hours at 155oC.

Bright Acid Tin Acitin 2000 1

Based on sulphuric acid, Acitin 2000 - 1 is a further development of the well-established and successful CULMO Process.

A main difference is the lower tin content, enabling more economical operation.

Bright Tin SLOTOTIN 70

Suitable for both rack and barrel applications, this process can be operated using sulphuric acid or a mixture of MSA and sulphuric acid.

This process is ideal for the plating of complex shaped items as the brightness of the deposit in low current densities is excellent.

Together with excellent tarnish resistance the deposit is solderable after heat ageing tests and, by using low foaming additives, solution foaming is not an issue.

Immersion Tin SN30 1

A replenishable immersion plating solution for the deposition of a protective coating of tin onto fabricated parts of copper and copper alloys. 

The tin deposit provides good solderability retention after extended storage periods.  It can also be used to clean and brighten oxidised lead or tin-lead electroplate.

Dull Tin Plating Solutions:

Matt Tin LC 10 (SAT 10)

Ideally suited for the manufacture of PCBs, electronic and precision components, this sulphuric acid based process gives a fine grain deposit with excellent covering power and solderability.  Deposits still give good solderability even after heat or steam ageing as required by MIL-M-38510G specification. 

Matt Tin SAT 20 1

A matt tin electrolyte based on methane sulphonic acid.  The process gives a fine crystalline deposit with excellent covering power.

Unlike sulphuric acid based electrolytes, anode solubility in the easily maintained SAT 20 - 1 matt tin bath allows much higher anode current densities to be used.

High Speed Tin Plating Solutions:

High Speed Pure Tin MBF 20

A high speed pure tin plating electrolyte producing a silky-matt fine crystalline coating. This process is ideally suited to wire, reel to reel and spot plating applications.

Pure Tin MBF 20 RB

A strongly acidic, fluoride-free process for the deposition of silky-matt fine crystalline coatings.

The deposits give excellent solderability even after heat ageing at 155°C for 16 hours.  The process is suited for use in wire, reel-to-reel and spot plating applications and is very low foaming.

Pure Tin SLOTOTIN 40

A high speed tin electrolyte to produce a fine crystalline deposit of 3-8μm in size. The deposit demonstrates a resistance to the formation of whiskers making it and ideal ‘lead-free’ finish for the electronics industry.

High Speed Pure Tin GBF 30

This is a low foaming fluoride-free acidic electrolyte for the deposition of bright tin coatings in reel-to-reel installations. Cathodic current densities up to 30 A/dm² can be achieved and the co-deposition of carbon is very low (only 0.02 %). Excellent solderability is exhibited, even after heat ageing.  Since titanium is not attacked it is suitable to be used with titanium anode baskets.

Bright Tin SLOTOLET GB 20

A high speed reel to reel process for the deposition of bright tin. The deposits have excellent solderability even after heat ageing at 155°C for 16 hours.

Tin Ancillaries:

Tin Coagulant FMN

A coagulant designed to aid the precipitation of stannic tin compounds in tin and tin-lead solutions assisting solution clarification.

Tin Salt SU

A high quality tin sulphate salt.

Tin Concentrates FS, FS20, FS100 & FS200

As a manufacturer of tin MSA, Schloetter are able to supply a number of concentrations of high quality tin methane sulphonate.

Acid Concentrate FF

A purified methyl sulphonic acid concentrate.

Anti Foam SN

Developed for use in tin or tin-lead baths where foaming results from strong turbulence.

Sulphuric Acid Pure 1.84

Pure sulphuric acid suitable for the maintenance of tin, copper, nickel and a variety of processes.

Tin Anodes

Tin anodes may be supplied as bars, slugs or ball shapes dependent upon customer requirement.

Tin Stripping Processes:

Stripper PLUTEX 

An alkaline, cyanide-free process for the stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from steel and copper components.  This stripper does not remove the diffusion layer, ensuring that the base material is not attacked.

PLUTEX has a stripping rate 10-12 µm per minute and a metal capacity of 50-60 grams per ltr of tin or 60-70 grams per ltr of tin-lead.

Stripper L

Stripper L is an alkaline cyanide based process for the stripping of a variety of metals from steel.

This process is capable of effective stripping of nickel, electroless-nickel, copper, cadmium, zinc and tin.

The base metal is not attacked so subsequent re-plating is possible without the need for further finishing.

Stripper L10

This sulphuric acid based immersion-stripping solution is formulated for the stripping of nickel and tin from copper and brass without attack on the base materials.

Stripper L30

Two different versions of Stripper L30 can be made up.

The first version L30/1 is used for the immersion stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from copper.

The second L30/2 is used for the stripping of tin, tin-lead and copper deposits from stainless steel jigs and contacts.

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