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Zinc Processes

Cyanide Zinc Solutions: 

Bright Cyanide Zinc ZINCACYN 100

ZINCACYN 100 is an economical cyanide zinc process with excellent covering power, suitable for rack or barrel.

The bright deposit can be easily chromated.

Alkaline Zinc Solutions:

Bright Alkaline Zinc ZINCASLOT 50

An alkaline, cyanide-free electrolyte, suitable for rack or barrel plating.

This process produces a bright deposit over a wide current density range, has excellent metal distribution and a high tolerance to variable operating conditions.

At its higher zinc level, ZINCASLOT 50 exhibits greater efficiency than similar systems on the market.


The latest development in alkaline non-cyanide zinc electrolytes.

The process exhibits excellent metal distribution, very good adhesion of zinc coatings and good results from chromating or passivating.

Acid Zinc Solutions:

Bright Acid Zinc SLOTANIT OT 1

A weakly acidic potassium-based electrolyte for rack or barrel operation.  The process can be maintained with a single additive for ease of operation.

The bath has no cloud point even at elevated temperatures or high salt concentrations. This provides free rinsing properties of the solution, ensuring successful chromate conversion coatings of the deposit.

The ductility of the deposit is outstanding, allowing forming and crimping of components after plating.

Bright Zinc SLOTANIT OT 1470

A weakly acidic electrolyte for use in rack or barrel applications.

The outstanding features of this process are the very bright coatings, excellent bright throwing power and ductility.

Operation at >45°C in barrel applications shows no significant reduction in the brightness.

Zinc Ancillaries:

Antifoam Z 11

An antifoam for use in weakly acidic bright zinc electrolytes using air agitation. Dosing as little as 0.2 ml/l significantly reduces the foam.

Wetting Agent AZN

A blend of low foaming surfactants for use in alkaline zinc and electrolytic degreasing solutions, producing a thin layer of dense foam to preventing spray losses.

Wetting Agent AZN is biodegradable and does not contain complexing agents.

Filter Aid D

Specifically for highly alkaline solutions e.g. alkaline zinc/zinc alloys.  Unlike cellulose based filter aids, it has excellent stability in such media.

Zinc Anodes

Pure Zinc Anodes can be supplied in plate, bullet or ball form.

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