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PCB strippers & Etches

Strippers & Etches used in the PCB industry:

Board Strippers

Stripper L10

This sulphuric acid based immersion-stripping solution is formulated for the stripping of nickel and tin from copper without attack on the base materials.

Jig Strippers

Stripper L30

Two different versions of Stripper L30 can be made up.

The first version L30/1 is used for the immersion stripping of tin and tin-lead deposits from copper.

The second, L30/2 is used for the stripping of tin, tin-lead and copper deposits from stainless steel jigs and contacts.

Stripper E20

An acidic, complexant-free process for the electrolytic stripping of tin, tin-lead, copper and nickel deposits from titanium jigs and contacts. It is especially suited for use in PCB and electronic applications and strips single or composite coatings equally well.


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