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SVHC Boric Acid

On 1 July 2015, The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recommended that Boric Acid is included in Annex XIV.  The final decision, on which substances being included in Annex XIV, will be taken by the European Commission.  If the Commission follows the recommendations given by ECHA, Latest Application Date and the sunset Date will be set.  The sunset date is the date from which the placing on the market and the use of a substance shall be prohibited unless an exemption applies or an authorisation is granted.  Boric acid is widely used in the electroplating industry.  Therefore, an authorisation would have a great impact on industry.  Typical uses of boric acid include the electrochemical deposition of nickel layers, the electrochemical deposition of zinc layers, trivalent chrome electrolytes and zinc-nickel electrolytes.  The ECHA recommendations are the subject of intensive debates in industry organisation, including the ZVO REACH Department, where Schloetter is represented.

Inclusion in Annex XIV is relevant to the following products of our delivery program:

050151  Chrome Salt SLOTOCHROM 51 
050153 Conducting Salt SLOTOCHROM 53
090307 METAPAS Post Dipping Additive CC
160000 Boric Acid
048600 /048602 Nickel Sulphamate MS Solution RFU
048699 Nickel Sulphamate Plating Solution
110210 Tin Lead LA Solution

Boric acid is used as a buffer substance in electroplating processes, e.g. zinc deposition from weakly acidic electrolytes, fluoborate tin lead electrolytes, nickel deposition or chrome deposition from electrolytes based on trivalent chrome salts.

There is no co-deposition of boric acid in the electrodeposited layer, and so there is no duty of notification according to article 33 of Directive 1907/2006/EC (REACH Directive).

Due to the inclusion of Boric Acid in the SVHC candidate list the Schloetter group as the supplier of preparations is obliged to make the corresponding classification in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

For Boric acid a new classification (T, Repro.cat2 : R 60, R61) has been mandated in the 1st adaptation of Regulation 1272/2008/EC. The adaptation is a directly acting regulation (790/2009/EC) becoming effective from 1st Dec 2010.

For reasons of product responsibility Schloetter has already made the new classification of Boric acid according to the 1st ATP (Adaptation to Technical Progress). All additional information, demanded by its inclusion in the SVHC candidate list, is therefore already included in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

T = Toxic
R 60 = May impair fertility
R 61 = May cause harm to the unborn child


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