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Tin plating processes

Tin Plating Processes used in the PCB Industry:

Matt Tin SAT 20-1

Very even consistent deposit, providing excellent etch resist performance.  Tolerant to all commonly used dry films, eliminates gassing and associated defects. Based on methane sulphonic acid, the process gives a matt fine crystalline deposit with excellent covering power.

Unlike sulphuric acid based electrolytes, the solution will operate with titanium baskets, providing consistent anode area and 100% anode usage. The SAT 20-1 matt tin bath also has a high tolerance to all commonly used dry film resists.

Matt Tin LC10

Ideally suited for the manufacture of PCBs, electronic and precision components, this sulphuric acid based process gives a fine grain deposit, perfect as an etch resist, and with excellent covering power and solderability. Deposits still give good solderability even after heat or steam ageing as required by MIL-M-38510G specification.

Bright Acid Tin CULMO NF

Based on sulphuric acid, this long established plating solution used extensively in all sectors of the plating industry, gives a bright pure tin deposit with excellent tarnish and corrosion resistance.

Tin Ancillaries:

Tin Salt SU

A high quality tin sulphate salt.

Tin Concentrates FS, FS20 & FS200

As a manufacturer of tin MSA, Schloetter are able to supply a number of concentrations of high quality tin methane sulphonate.

Acid Concentrate FF

A purified methyl sulphonic acid concentrate.

Tin Anodes

Tin anodes may be supplied, as bars, slugs or dome shapes dependent upon customer requirements.

Tin Coagulant FMN

A coagulant designed to aid the precipitation of stannic tin compounds in tin and tin-lead solutions assisting solution clarification.


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