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Zinc Chloride (Generic)

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Description of activities and processes covered in the exposure scenario:

  1. Reception of zinc-bearing materials, if applicable, and transfer to the reaction tank (chloride media)
  2. Reception of the Intermediate Zinc chloride solution in the reaction tank, if applicable
  3. Sequential addition of reagents for purification steps and filtration on press filter, when needed. Ventilation is adapted.
  4. Concentration by water evaporation, under exhaust hood.
  5. Pouring on a cooling belt
  6. Discharge and packaging of produced zinc chloride crystals. Workers have to place and adjust the bag or drum under the discharge pipe and to set the process in motion. Filled bags or drums are subsequently closed and carried to the storage area.
  7. Exposure to dust can occur during packing of the powder. Solutions are packed in intermediate bulk containers (ca. 1 m3 capacity); solids are packed in bags or drums.
  8. Maintenance activities

 Zinc Chloride Exposure Scenario.pdf

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