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Acid copper plating solutions

Copper Plating Solutions For The PCB Industry:


A key factor in the success of SLOTOCOUP PC81 acid copper plating solution has been its suitability for the deposition of thick and very ductile deposits.

Other advantages include its ability to withstand the most demanding thermal cycle tests and to operate over a wide range of current densities.

Using a single additive system, which produces no detrimental breakdown products, the bath remains stable after being left for long periods.

With excellent throwing power and distribution, the PC81 process gives reliable hole to surface ratios of 1:1 ideally suited for plating PCBs. Deposition rate is approximately 0.45 µm/minute at 2 amps/dm2.


This acid copper plating solution is specifically developed for electroplating onto low conductivity surfaces in direct metallisation systems.

It uses a single additive specially formulated for the plating of DMS coated holes in which the initiation of the ductile copper layer is of prime importance to the hole profile.

Compared with other standard copper processes, it gives much faster coverage of low conductivity surfaces and improves metal distribution in the hole.

The SLOTOCOUP CU120 process is also suitable for conventional electroless copper coated boards giving bright, fine grained and very ductile deposits.


Especially developed for the DC electroplating of blind micro-vias, SLOTOCOUP CU140 is an ideal process for through hole plating.

The levelling properties of SLOTOCOUP CU140 make it an ideal process to deal with the variations of drilling quality obtained in high production facilities.

It deposits bright copper coatings with low internal stress, excellent ductility and metal distribution.


Developed for the filling of blind vias in either pattern or panel plating mode, SLOTOCOUP BV110 has exceptional levelling and filling capability.

The process can be used with either conventional copper or inert mixed oxide anodes.

The brilliant deposit displays good ductility with low internal stress, also providing reliable though-hole plating.

In regular production, blind vias of 120/80µm and smaller are easily filled.

Copper SLOTOCOUP CU110 Pulse Plating

SLOTOCOUP CU110 is designed to optimise the benefits obtainable from periodic reverse pulse plating in the volume production of complex plated through-hole PCBs.

Maintained with a single multi-component additive and operating in conjunction with pulse plating, the process can significantly reduce plating times with improved throwing power.

Excellent surface metal distribution ratios and fine grain, very ductile deposits are provided. It can also be used for conventional DC plating.


Acid copper SLOTOCOUP CU210 allows, in conjunction with reverse pulse plating, excellent metal distribution in through holes.

The copper coatings deposited are fine-grained and ductile. Since higher current densities are possible than in DC plating, a considerable reduction of plating time with excellent metal distribution can be achieved at the same time.

The electrolyte is made up and operated with two additives.

SLOTOCOUP CU210 can be operated as a traditional DC plating (direct current) electrolyte producing bright, fine-grained, ductile copper deposits.

Copper Processes Ancillaries:

Copper Sulphate 300 g/l

This purified liquid concentrate provides trouble-free manufacture and maintenance of all copper sulphate plating solutions.

Copper Anodes Phosphorous De-oxidised

Developed for use in copper sulphate plating solutions. Schloetter can supply copper anodes as bars, copper slugs or copper balls.

MMO Coated Titanium Anodes

MMO coated titanium anodes are designed to resist acidic conditions. The coating, which has excellent electro-catalytic properties, allows current flow and evolution of oxygen at low, stable anode potentials.

The MMO coating is a mixed metal oxide type, which includes precious metal oxides based on Iridium. The typical coating weight is 20 g/m³.

Copper Oxide

Used for the replenishment of copper in acid copper solutions using inert anode technology.


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