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Flight Bars & Rail Supports

Plating Tank Flight Bars and Support Rails

Supports are available for both flight bars and anode rails. They are manufactured from durable polypropylene.

GP1 & GP2 Flight bar supports / current contacts are used for the direct current transfer from the contacts to the bus-bars etc and are designed for tank mounting. They are fitted with a robust polypropylene cover.

Product Details:

Flight Bar Supports


Product No.Description
295400 Polypropylene Flight Bar Support 10 mm
295401 Polypropylene Flight Bar Support 15 mm
295402 Polypropylene Flight Bar Support 20 mm
295410 GP1 Flight Bar Support 400A 10-15 mm
295411 GP2 Flight Bar Support 1500A 10-20 mm
295412 GP3 Flight Bar Support 3000A 15-20 mm
295420 GP1 Flight Bar Support Cover
295421 GP2 Flight Bar Support Cover
295422 GP3 Flight Bar Support Cover
295430 GP1 Contact Jaw
295431 GP2 & GP3 Contact Jaw
295440 GP1, GP2 & GP3 Flexible Copper Link
295450 GP1, GP2 & GP3 Polypropylene Washer
295460 GP1 Stainless Steel Spring
(12 mm diameter, 23 mm long)
295461 GP2 & GP3 Stainless Steel Spring
(12.5 mm diameter, 24 mm long)
295462 M6 Insulator with studs

Rail Supports


Product No.Description
295470 Rail Support Poly Propylene for 30mm x 10mm Bars
295471 Rail Supports Polypropylene for 40-80mm x 10mm Bars
295472 Rail Supports Polypropylene for 60-80mm x 15mm Bars


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