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Low Level Float Switches

Low Level Float Switches

The problem of keeping levels of liquids constant occurs frequently in surface treatment technology.

Evaporation of the liquid or the removal of liquid by drag-out losses can result in considerable variation of the liquid level, and this can cause damage both to the objects and to heaters, pumps and other devices installed in the baths.

All of these problems can be solved with a float switch.

These are ideal units for the detection of a low solution level with adjustable switching height. They come complete and ready for use including 1.6 metres of cable.

The switches are supplied with an adjustable bracket allowing height adjustment. The MTS float switch has one actuation point which monitors the level of the liquid.

All switches are in a splash proof enclosure, type IP64 and available in PVDF only.

Principle of Operation

A magnet is built into the float switch which actuates a reed relay in the float rod. If the float drops to a lower level point a contact is opened, thus switching off the devices e.g. heaters.

Product Details:

Standard lengths


Product No.
150 24160200
200 24160100
300 24160000
Other Size  24160300



Product No.Description
24125000 Mini Head Bracket


Mini Range

Standard Range

Angular Range

Hairpin Range

Non-Corrodable Range

Rod Thermostats


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