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MC15 Double Filter Units

Schloetter MC15 Double Filter Units

MC15 Double Filter Units

The MC15 Double Filter Unit is manufactured in a sturdy polypropylene construction suitable for most plating solutions. It is simple to use, with the following advantages -

  • Self-priming pump, provided that the filter chamber is filled with solution at the beginning of filtration.
  • Quick fastening / opening lid.
  • Very high corrosion resistance of all components.
  • The unit is fitted with two chambers incorporating two single 10" or 20" long poly wound cartridges.

Accessories required:

  • 2 off inlet / outlet PVC hoses (20 mm or 25 mm inside diameter)
  • 1 Only strainer 20 or 25 mm

Optional Extras:

  • 1 only pressure gauge

Parallel Chambers

The two chambers are supplied are connected in parallel (the solution passes through both chambers at the same time). Parallel filtration doubles the effective filtration area, enables a higher flow rate and extends the service intervals for less down time and lower servicing costs.


The Unit comes with a choice of pumps - the M35 and the M50. The M50 should be chosen where a high flow rate is required. The M35 and M50 pumps are magnetically coupled, centrifugal units, thus helping to avoid any leakages. They are self-priming and are available in single or three phase. The pump body is made of polypropylene and its closed impeller guarantees greater efficiency and silent operation. The impeller is guided by a ceramic shaft.

Technical Data

M 35 Motor: 180 watts / 2900 rpm
M 50 Motor: 180 watts / 2900 rpm
Connections: Standard fittings - nozzles
(Other connections available)
Max Operating Temp:   80°C


Product details:

Filter Unit Part Numbers


DescriptionProduct No.PhaseCartridgeFlow Rate
Litres / Hr
MC15 / M35 251554 Single 2 x 10" Parallel 2500 max
MC15 / M35 251557 Three 2 x 10" Parallel 2500 max
MC15 / M50 251572 Single 2 x 10" Parallel 4000 max
MC15 / M50 251575 Three 2 x 10" Parallel 4000 max
MC15 / M35 251559 Single 2 x 20" Parallel 2500 max
MC15 / M35  251561 Three 2 x 20" Parallel  2500 max 
MC15 / M50  251579  Single 2 x 20" Parallel   4000 max
MC15 / M50 251581  Three 2 x 20" Parallel   4000 max 



DescriptionProduct No.
Strainer for M35 (20mm) 251630
PVC Hoses (pair) for M15 & M35 (20mm) 251641
Strainer for M50 (25mm) 251631
PVC Hoses (pair) for M50 (25mm)  251640
Pressure Gauge 251670

Filter Selection Table

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Filter Media

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Note: Specifications may change without prior notice.


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