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Chrome Processes

Bright Chrome SLOTOCHROME 20

Characterised by its particularly low content of chromic acid, this bright chrome bath is easy to maintain and offers advantages in effluent disposal.

Additionally, it gives excellent covering power, exceeding that obtainable from higher concentration chrome baths.

Bright Chrome SLOTOCHROM 50

A chloride based trivalent chrome electrolyte which produces bright chrome coatings that are similar in appearance to those produced by a hexavalent process.

The metal coverage and distribution are excellent, auxiliary anodes are seldom required even if part geometry is complex.


SLOTOCHROM DR 1140 is a trivalent chrome plating solution, producing light decorative chrome deposits similar to traditional chrome plating.

This sulphate base electrolyte has excellent throwing power and metal distribution, greatly reducing the need for auxiliary anodes.

Lead-Tin Anodes

Anodes suitable for chromium plating are available in a variety of body and hook lengths.

Wetting Agent SLOTOCHROM CR 1270

A PFOS free surface active wetting agent which forms a foam blanket on hexavalent chrome plating electrolytes to inhibit spray and decrease drag out losses.

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