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Zinc Alloy Processes

Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN80

An alkaline process for the deposition of zinc alloy coatings containing 12 - 15% nickel with excellent corrosion protection properties.

SLOTOLOY ZN 80 gives very good metal distribution and a consistent alloy over a wide range of current densities. This process has been designed for rack plating

Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN210

Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 210 is an alkaline, single-stage process for the deposition of zinc-nickel alloy coatings containing 12 - 15 % nickel. It is used for barrel plating and contains a new additive system which allows difficult steel types to initiate deposition without the need for a dual stage process. Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN 210 deposits semi-bright to bright alloy coatings with an excellent metal and alloy distribution and good throwing power.

Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN320

Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN320 is a weakly acidic, ammonium and boric acid free electrolyte. It is used for the deposition of silk-matt or bright zinc-nickel alloy coatings with a nickel content of 12 - 15%. Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN320 is suitable for rack and barrel applications and provides a constant alloy composition over a wide current density range.

Zinc Anodes

Pure Zinc Anodes can be supplied in plate, bullet or ball form.

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